Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cover Reveal for a new Urban Fantasy serial: Rare Stakes

Check out the covers for my upcoming serial, Rare Stakes. Six episodes means six covers...what do you think?

A quick blurb about the serial:

Mel doesn’t believe in monsters, which is a problem, because they all believe in her.
Amelia (Mel) Larson is an FBI agent who, with a little help from her psychic abilities, can solve cases that would take months to crack with traditional investigation methods.  But then she’s assigned a case that bites back.
There’s a Dracula killer on the loose in Cleveland. He’s bathing the city in blood, taking victims and bleeding them dry. It’s up to Mel to put him behind bars, but this time she’s not the only psychic on the case.
Ambrose D’Avignon is tracking the killer too, not to bring him to justice, but to murder him. When he asks for Mel’s help, things go sideways because he’s not just psychic, he’s undead.
Dracula is real and all the other vampires want him dead. As it turns out...they feel the same way about Mel.

When will Rare Stakes be published? I'm hoping to have the first three episodes out by the end of February with the next three to follow in early March. It all depends on editing though, which sometimes takes longer than anticipated.