Monday, November 14, 2011

Details on the Holiday Book and Cook Blog Hop

It looks like we're going to do this. I'm so excited because I love holiday cooking and, this time of year, many people, myself included, are looking for recipes.

The blog hop will go live December first and here's how to participate.

1.Pick a holiday recipe. Appetizers, side dishes, entrees, cookies, cake, pie etc.... anything holiday is good.

2.Post it on your blog the first week of December and link back to the blog hop anchor post which will be on this blog.

3. Email me at mccleodwrites AT gmail DOT com with your post link.

4.I will link everyone (and you can too if you want, we are a loosey goosey blog hop, anything goes so long as you have a recipe). By the way, if anyone knows a good linky tool to use, let me know!

5.Spread the word. The more the merrier and the more traffic the hop will generate. There's been a lot of enthusiasm, but we need more people to breathe life into this hop.

I will post reminders on Twitter and the various places I mentioned the hop so, hopefully, you won't forget! Consider writing your post, scheduling it to post and just coming back to pick up the back link when it goes live.

Some promo ideas...

Put a marketing twist on it...Make sure you book cover and blurb with buy link are visible. Either on the side bar or within the post.

Tie your recipe to your book if it makes sense. I plan to make the rather tenuous connection between love potions and my molasses crackle top cookies. Goodness knows those cookies have worked their magic on lots of people!


  1. Can't wait! I'm already figuring out the correlation between my recipe and my book. :)

  2. Good idea! Christmas goodies--yum. :)

  3. Great idea. For the past 3-4 years, I've done a Holiday Cheer activity. The first year or two, it was on a yahoo loop, then I moved it to my blog. I do a recipe a day from around Thanksgiving through New Year's. So, would love to join your hop. And yes, tying it into your book is great. I try to do that with all my stories and sometimes include the recipe in the book.

  4. Sounds like fun! I have an easy holiday italian cookie recipe, look forward to participating.

  5. I'm in too--I love recipes. And food. In fact, I lovingly describe almost every meal my heroine has. :) M. S. Spencer