Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Indie 101: What I've Learned About Publishing So Far This Week

There's so much to absorb when publishing a book that I wanted to keep track of the little stray tidbits of how-to and how-come information on the web. I expect this to be an ongoing series as there's always something to learn in this industry.

Here's what piqued my interest this week:

1. Hoping to land a traditional book deal through e-publishing? Well, here's the sales figures it takes to get New York's attention: 5,000 books sold in 6 months. Read more about it here.

2.Hate the low 35% royalty on books priced at 99 cents? Want to make more? Here's a workaround (untested, so buyer beware). List your book on Amazon for $2.99 or what have you, which is a 70% royalty price. Then, on other outlets (B&N, Smashwords etc..) list it at a lower price. Go back to Amazon and click on 'tell us about a lower price'.  Amazon will put your book on sale and pay you a 70% royalty--allegedly.

3.JA Konrath is talking about cloud publishing as a means of book distribution. Will it replace Amazon? I am doubtful as I don't think cloud computing organizes information as well as an e-commerce storefront and there are some issues with logistics, but the idea is interesting.

What have you learned so far this week?

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  1. Fascinating stuff! I've already self-published on Kindle and having a great time. Good luck, I'll be back...