Sunday, October 9, 2011

Updated Author Bio

I finally decided to redo my bio. What do you think?

I saw my first ghost at the age of 4 and have been running scared ever since. I also stole a rock from a real vampire (seriously!) who is probably still looking for me (stick around if you want to hear that story). On top of that, any psychic tendencies I have are dyslexic. Basically, the safest thing for me to do is stay indoors and write what I know; Paranormal.

It's all true. Every word. As I worked on it, I realized it might be a good idea to write a memoir about my run-ins with the paranormal. I'm sure we all have our stories but...

1.I've read every single Zener card correctly. More than once. Only in reverse order.

2.I almost won the lottery due to psychic intuition.

3.I really did steal a rock from a real so-not-a-myth vampire.

4.My stepfather was a shaman and it was as weird as you think it was. (By the way, my father was a minister!)

5.Run-ins with ghosts that keep me far far away from ghost hunts.

The weird, it likes me. A little too much for my own good.

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