Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When I Procrastinate I Design Furniture and Upcyled Knick Knacks

First, please note that the Holiday Book & Cook Blog Hop is still open to recipes. We would love to see more goodies on our list. So check out this great promo op.

So instead of writing and editing and doing anything productive on the author front, I've been designing furniture. And knick knacks. No, really. To date, the hubby and I have collaborated on an ornament tree made of recycled scrap wood from local companies.The wood pictured is a Brazilian hardwood and we'll also be working with mahogany and oak as well as a variety of stains.

We hope to fine tune the design this winter and then sell them next year. So, if you like what you see, bookmark this blog!

Then the other project is an open wardrobe for the toddler inspired by this picture on Pinterest.

We found a lovely vintage dresser with fabulous architectural elements and hope to refinish it sometime in January. Our toddler is in love with pink so the plan is a high sheen raspberry pink with some kind of orange contrast inside. That could change, but is what we're thinking right now.

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  1. Designing furniture sounds like a a fun and fulfilling hobby. We are more than authors. Sometimes we need to get away from writing, at least that's what I keep telling myself after I've spent almost all day at the computer between writing and promoting my books.

    Morgan Mandel