Friday, January 20, 2012

Banshee's Tattoo is Live and Gratis All Day Saturday

I am pleased to announce my next release, Banshee's Tatto is live on and it will be FREE all day Saturday.

One tattoo shop, two people: She wants to party, he's running for his life.

Hunted by a banshee, Irish is desperate to get another magic tattoo to ward off death. What he doesn't know is that sexy, sassy Lorena is all the protection he needs.

This is a short erotic paranormal of approximately 6,000 words.

This short story was a reader favorite when it first appeared in a print anthology back in 2007. I hope you'll pick up a copy!

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  1. I'm interested in that spanking story you published under another name. You mentioned this in the comments on Dear Author when lazaraspaste reviewed Fifty Shades of Grey. Would you please provide a link for your story? Thanks!