Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Revenge of the Unicorn Dogs

Those of you who've visited once or twice may have noticed a distinct lack of branding on the blog. No cool pictures. No design.

Why is that?

Because I am fixated on this picture.  Every time I think 'blog design' this is what pops into my head.

Can't you just see that as my blog header? I can't get the visual out of my head long enough to seriously consider any other picture.

Also, I have two dogs. That I could dress up as unicorns. Which would be too much fun. Then I could add them to the header and I would have the weirdest blog header the internet has ever seen.

I think it would be so visually arresting that people would be compelled to read my blog just to find out if I was crazy or not. Then they would see my books and buy them.

It could happen.

Or not.

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