Monday, July 25, 2011

A Very Marry Monday: One Night Stand, Date, Marry?

Okay, folks, it's time to map out your love life for the week. Who are you dating, sleeping with and marrying?

This week's options include...

Frodo, a sweet little Hobbit with a ring fetish.

Hercules as played by Kevin Sorbo. My, what a big stick he has.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Sure to love you and leave you...with a few bugs to remember him by.

So those are your choices and you must choose--no weaseling! I'll share mine in the comments.


  1. Okay this is a hard one.

    I'd probably marry Hercules. Then sleep with Sparrow just because the Hobbit is too innocent for anything other than a platonic date.


  2. I'd say I'd have to date Sparrow, because a sunset cruise in the Caribbean sounds too nice to pass up. I'd have a one night stand with Hercules, after all, he's too hot to be monogamous and I've got jealousy issues. And I'd marry Frodo. He has a ring already, unless he's thrown it into the pits of hell. But he'd probably do a good job of picking out another, and as long as he doesn't call me or the ring "My Precious," I'm good.

  3. That is a really good point about Frodo and the ring, hadn't thought of that.