Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Of Old Men and Little Girls

Spent my work time today formatting a manuscript. Always a bear because it is just so easy to start reading and get sucked into some editing.

So, of course, I procrastinated like a dog who doesn't want to 'come' after pooping all over the rug. Being lazy led me to this blog post on old men checking out little girls.

Which prompted an interesting memory of my youth.

When I was 16, an ex-con (no,really) set his 35-year-old sights on me. That is not the worst part.

Being precocious, I went downtown, next to the state capitol building (i.e. full of college educated professionals and elected officials) and conducted a survey.

Was it okay for a minor and an adult to have a relationship?

The women were quite adamant that no, it was not okay.

The men? Were total perverts. Yes, totally fine. *leer* * leer*

I was shocked. For once, the politicians were telling the truth!

Looking back, I realize some of those adults may have been alarmed at a kid asking that kind of question. There were probably a few people wondering what was going on in my life to prompt such behavior.

Nothing other than a lecherous ex-con, whom I quite successfully avoided.

That, or he violated parole and went back to prison.

Either way.

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